The Enasalin armor in Dragon Age 2 is a crimson Rogue’s armor set. You can acquire these pieces after Act 2 with 25 dexterity and 15 cunning. Hawke must be a Rogue class to obtain these items.

One of the pieces is restricted based on a decision made in Act 2, but it’s not a major choice, so if you want this set, it’s worth it.

NameArmor RatingEnhancementsHow to Obtain
Helm of Enasalin79+2% Critical Chance, +6% Critical Damage, Bonus to LockpickingLoot the Thug Leader in the Winding Alley area of Following the Qun quest.
Guardian of Enasalin197+6% Critical Chance, +15% Critical Damage, 1 extra Rune SlotTaken from the chest (30 Cunning to open) in The Killer’s Lair area of All That Remains quest.
Gloves of Enasalin47+1% Critical Chance, +4% Critical DamageLooted from one of the beaten-up patrons in The Hanged Man area of the Offered and Lost quest.

NOTE: Hawke cannot hand the corrupt guard over to Aveline for this fight to happen.

Boots of Enasalin71+2% Critical Chance, +5% Critical Damage, Bonus to disarm trapsWithin the last chest of the quest Family Matter. More specifically, it is in the area where Bartran is found.

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With the full set, your Dexterity increases by 2, and your dodge chance increases by 3%. If Hawke is a mage or Warrior, the player will receive armor pieces for a different set.

According to lore, these pieces come from mighty Elven warriors who fought to protect their elders in a state of hibernation. Ensalin comes from the word Enasalin’abelas, which means “sorrowful victory” in the elf language.

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