Elzowin’s Branch is a common collectible found in Lost Ark. This collectible drops randomly from monsters after you reach Rohendel, but we’ve found it more often than any other. It looks like a regular tree branch.

Where to find Elzowin’s Branch collectible in Rohendel

We continued to see Elzowin’s Branch drop from different monsters in the Breezesome Brae area, even though it is supposed to be random and rare. In particular, we got two from hunting the Wing Elemental Boss. We recommend hunting monsters in Breezesome Brae due to how often we found this collectible there.

It doesn’t mean you can’t find it elsewhere. You can find these collectibles pretty much anywhere in Rohendel. Even with that, alpha monsters, who have the glowing orb over their heads, are more likely to drop collectibles than any other monster in the game.

Therefore, if you want to farm a collectible, you should go to a spot where alphas spawn and keep killing them.

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