Two popular trainers have made it to Pasio! For the Fans is a Solo Event that features the contest idol Lisia and Gym Leader and model Elesa.

In this event, battles will reward you with Event Vouchers and Pearls, the latter of which can be exchanged for a ton of Coins. More importantly, you can get Elesa and Lisia Fan Tickets as memorabilia.

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To obtain the Fan Tickets, head to the Explore menu, enter the Events section, and select For the Fans. This will open up all the story and battle stages specific to this event.

Click on the Exchange button on the bottom right of the screen, beside the home button. It will open the Exchange shop, where you can trade 2,000 Coins for x1 Elesa Fan Ticket or x1 Lisia Fan Ticket.

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You can buy as many Fan Tickets as you can afford. Moreover, while most event items are automatically exchanged for Coins after the event period ends, these Fan Tickets won’t—so you can keep them in your Bag forever.

Fan Ticket Collection Rewards

Obtaining 1,000 Elesa Fan Tickets will complete Event Mission 9 and reward you with the Event Story Sparkling, Shining Gratitude. Meanwhile, obtaining 1,000 Lisia Fan Tickets will complete Event Mission 10 and reward you with the Event Story Dazzling, Dizzying Gratitude.

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