Elephs are fragments that can be used to unlock Students and their Mystic. Apart from being able to farm for Students that you fail to pull from the Recruitment gacha, unlocking your existing Students’ Mystic will increase their star ranking, which, in turn, makes them stronger.

There are a few ways to obtain Eleph in the game—read on to find out how.


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The easiest way to get Elephs is to purchase them from the Shop, which you can visit from the menu at the bottom of the screen. Each section sells Elephs in exchange for different currencies.

Eligma Shop

Eligma Shop, which sells Elephs for Students you already own. It’s the place to go if you’re looking to farm Elephs to unlock your favorite Student’s Mystic. Each Eleph costs x1 Eligma Shard, which can be obtained by pulling duplicate characters through Recruitment.

  • One-star: x1 Eligma Shard
  • Two-star: x10 Eligma Shard
  • Three-star: x50 Eligma Shard

Total Assault Shop

Total Assault is a game mode that’s more commonly known as Raid. Each cycle lasts for about seven days with a three-day break. During its active period, you can complete Raids of varying difficulty levels and obtain Total Assault Coins, which can be exchanged in the Shop for Elephs of featured Students, among other rewards.

There’s a purchase limit of 10 (x5 Eleph each time, making 50 Elephs total) for the Elephs in the Total Assault Shop. This limit resets at every Total Assault cycle, so you need to go through three to unlock a Student (x120 Eleph).

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Tactical Challenge Shop

Tactical Challenge is the game mode that corresponds to PvP. Winning battles will grant you Tactical Challenge Coins that can be exchanged for featured Students in the Shop. It costs 50 Coins for x5 Eleph with a purchase limit of one per day, so you need to make a purchase every day for 24 days to unlock a Student with this method.

Event Shop

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Event Shops run for a limited period but will usually offer Elephs corresponding to some of the featured Students. These can be purchased using event currencies, which are usually easy to farm—simply Sweep the event stages after completing them once.


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Apart from granting x1 Eligma Shard to use in the Eligma Shop, Recruiting duplicate characters also merits you Eleph.

  • One-star: x1 Eleph
  • Two-star: x5 Eleph
  • Three-star: x30 Eleph

However, the number of Elephs that can be obtained from each duplicate pull is less than the number required to unlock a Student’s Mystic.

Hard Stages

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In every Mission Area, you can unlock three Hard Stages where you can farm Elephs of the corresponding characters for 20 Energy per run. You can only farm these a maximum of three times a day for free, while an additional three runs costs x40 Pyroxene.

Clearing a Hard stage for the first time will grant x5 Eleph, but all other clears after that will only grant one Eleph—or none at all.

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