Players are able to earn in-game Dying Light 2 items by watching Twitch streams. The Twitch Drops can be obtained from Wednesday, February 2 until Wednesday, February 9. Players will be able to earn three items in total. In order to get these in-game items, fans will need to watch a total of 180 minutes worth of Twitch streams from a participating Twitch channel.

At each of the 60-minute intervals, viewers will be rewarded with one of the three items. Players will need to make sure their TechlandGG profile is linked to their Twitch account to get credit for watching the participating streams.

To connect all of these necessary accounts, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the TechlandGG official website and click the Link Account button.
    • From here, viewers will need to sign in to their TechlandGG account (or create one, if not registered).
Image via Techland
  • Once players are signed into a Techland account, they will need to merge the Techland account to their Twitch account.
  • After doing so, users must connect the Techland account to yet another platform, aka Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, or Epic.
    • Once this is done, players should be able to watch participating Twitch streams for the allotted amount of time and receive their rewards.
Image via Techland

Three items will be featured in the Twitch Drops, two melee weapons, and a mask. The fireman’s ax, The Extinguisher, a machete weapon, Timeout, and a mask, Protective Mask, can be earned by watching Twitch streams for 60 minutes each item.

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  • The Extinguisher – Watch for 60 minutes.
  • Timeout – Watch for 60 minutes. (Totaling 120 minutes)
  • Protective Mask – Watch for 60 minutes. (Totaling 120 minutes)

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