Another resource you will need to get to unlock the hidden potentials or limit item break is Dualomite. You will also need to find the resource to complete Diaggah’s Mining Drill II quest.

So in short, if you want to get dualomite, you will need to head south and search around the South Aelio and Balflow Falls region.

We also recommend searching around cliffs and inside caves as you will need to locate Photo Chunks if you are doing the second mining drill quest.

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That said, during our playthrough, we found most of our dualomite spawning around the same areas where we found photon chunks. So use the image below as a map for a general idea of where to look for both resources.

However, keep in mind that dualomite spawns randomly, so you are not guaranteed to find it in the exact same spot.
Once you find dualomite, you can mine it by either shooting at it or hitting it with one of your attacks.

Each node will also get you around one per node, so you will need to find around a total of 10 nodes to complete the mining drill quest.

When you get the required amount of dualomite, the quest will complete automatically, and you can then use the chunks to unlock hidden potentials via the item lab. Along with unlocking hidden potentials, You can also use them to limit item break via the option that says item break in the item lab.

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