Tower of Fantasy features fast-paced combat where you can fight in a variety of ways. While your most common method will be weapons, you can also use Relics to assist you in combat. One Relic that is handy in a fight is the Drone. This may leave you wondering how to get the Drone Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Drone in Tower of Fantasy

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The easiest and best way to get the Drone is to open SRR Relic Boxes in your Backpack. This will let you put SRR Relic Shards toward the Drone. Once you have accumulated 30 shards, you will unlock the Drone and can have the automated weapon fight beside you.

You can use further SRR Relic Boxes to get shards for the Drone and upgrade it. This can increase its charge, damage, and the buffs it provides. Upgrading this Relic is a great way to expand its use and make it more effective.

How to get SRR Relic Boxes in Tower of Fantasy

There are various ways to get SRR Relic Boxes in Tower of Fantasy. You can earn them from events like the Newcomer Event or missions like Bounty Missions. Getting enough SR Relic Shards to unlock the Drone shouldn’t take long. Just make sure you are targeting missions and events that reward SRR Relic Boxes.

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