The Nova Corp outfit worn by Drax in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is easier to obtain than most. Players can find it in a hidden door in the lobby of the Nova Corp Rock base.

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Once Rocket lets himself through the hidden compartment, the player needs to begin working on the electric puzzle to reach this door. The Electric current has to be directed straight through the door to solve this puzzle; it’s fairly simple.

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The player should instead do the opposite.

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The final option for sending electricity will show a route up and down, with the obvious way to complete the puzzle being up. Players must instead send the current down. That will open the door to the puzzle piece’s left. Players need to follow that electric current to a door.

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After going through that door, players will find a small purple container to their immediate left. Once that is interacted with, the player will receive Drax’s Nova Corp Outfit.

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