In Monster Hunter World, the Dragonbone Artifact is one of the game’s rarest and most sought-after crafting material. It’s used to upgrade dozens of weapons and in several of the Master Rank armor sets. Below, we’ve detailed how to get your hands on Dragonbone Artifacts and the best way farm them.

Where to find a Dragonbone Artifact

Dragonbone Artifacts are rare bones found in Bonepiles in Master Rank locations. As a result, make sure you’re gathering at all the Bonepiles you find in Master Rank quests.

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Additionally, on expeditions, Dragonbone Artifacts are available more frequently if there’s an Upsurge: Bonepile effect. This raises their drop chance from 3% to 5%. Tailraider Safaris actually has a higher chance of picking up this item than your individual gathering. Sending a Safari to either the Elder’s Recess or the Guiding Lands at Master Rank has between a 10% to 15% chance of returning with a single Dragonbone Artifact.

Finally, these items have a small chance of dropping as a reward from every Master Rank quest. That means the best way to farm this item is to set your Tailraider Safari and get on with playing the game. The more difficult the hunt, the higher the chance of a drop. Using Lucky Vouchers can increase your chances as well, as they give you more drops overall.

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