A Dragon Demon Soul is a unique item dropped by a specific boss after you defeat them, and after you get one, you can then use it to craft unique weapons or purchase special spells. In this guide, we will explain where you can find these dragon souls in the hit remake of Demon’s Souls.

To start, like we already explained here and in past guides, you have to kill a specific boss to get a particular soul and to get the Dragon Demon Soul, you need to kill the Dragon God boss. The Dragon God is a semi-difficult boss found inside the Flamelurker Archstone location. That said, below, you will find some helpful tips to aid you in your fight against the Dragon God.

Helpful Tips For Beating Dragon God

  • Whenever Dragon God attacks, his eyes will turn red; when this happens, you will want to hide behind cover and move when he looks away.
  • After a while, the way forward will get blocked by rubble, and to clear it, you can either hit it with a two-handed melee weapon, shoot soul arrows or use magic attacks to destroy it.
  • Once you clear the way forward, you will need to make your way to a ballista on top of a platform. Go down the hallway to the right from where the rubble was to find the ballista.
  • When you fire the first ballista at the Dragon, it will clear the path to the next ballista; once you fire the second ballista, the boss will get pinned down, and all you will need to do is continuously attack it until it dies. 

After you kill the boss, it will drop the Dragon Demon Soul you need, along with 26,400 souls. Once you get the Demon Soul, you can then trade it for the fireball spell from Sage Freke, Yuria’s firestorm spell, and Saint Urbain’s god’s wrath spell.

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