Rune Factory 5 is a game with tons of content for you to indulge in. One of the biggest draws of a farming sim is the characters that you get to interact with. In Rune Factory 5, you can meet Doug and Margaret, two characters from Rune Factory 4, if you have met the proper requirements.

Doug and Margaret will only visit Rigbarth if you have saved data on your console from playing Rune Factory 4. This doesn’t mean that you need to have beaten RF4 or have even made it far into the story. As long as a save file exists, you will be able to have both the characters visit.

In addition, this will also allow you to get the outfits that Lest and Faye wore in RF4. This can be used on your protagonist to give them a slightly different look.

How to get Doug and Margaret to join your party

You can not marry Doug or Margaret in Rune Factory 5, but you can have them join your party to fight in dungeons. By getting close to the pair and completing requests, they can help you out in the game. While this isn’t needed to beat the game, it is a nice extra touch for fans of the series.

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