Double Movement can be defined as a technique that allows players to move diagonally while having a clear view of the peripherals in Fortnite. Although the game only has four directional keys, players can implement the Double Movement technique through various methods to have a better perspective.

Popular content creator ItsJerian explained in the video below how to use Wooting and Keys2x, two programs allowed by Epic Games, to implement Double Movement on keyboard. These are a couple of the third-party software PC players can use to implement Double Movement in Fortnite by remapping the directional input on the keyboard.

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Video via ItsJerian YouTube

Here are the settings for Wooting Double Movement:

  • Download Wooting Double Movement program
  • Open settings in Fortnite, and move to mouse and keyboard sensitivity
  • Lock Input method as mouse, and move to keyboard controls to change keybinds
  • Remove WASD keybinds for all four directional movement
  • Activate the Wooting Double Movement program to start moving in-game
  • Check Wooting settings and keep strafing angle below 65%

The strafe angle allows players to move diagonally while scouting the surroundings in Fortnite. The same can be implemented with Keys2x, but we recommend players to download Wooting simply because it’s easy to use.

The Double Movement technique was easy for console players because of the controller input, but it wasn’t present for keyboard and mouse players before. Epic Games introduced it from Chapter 2 Season 6 for PC players, and also legalized the usage of third-party software to remap keybindings in a competitive rules update. However, using these tools to bind multiple actions is not permitted in the game.

Essentially, PC players can remap one keybind to a single directional input from the emulated joystick provided by the third-party software. Assigning one keybind to multiple actions is called macroing and is illegal in Fortnite.

Learning and implementing this technique can be cumbersome at first, and it will definitely lead to clumsy mistakes. However, practising with Double Movement will gradually develop your game sense, especially in tricky situations. Hop into creative mode and try to go through the same motions as you would in a box fight. In time, this technique will allow you to gather more information about the opponent’s position and will help you see more angles to move or build towards.

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