Marrying your virtual sweetheart might sound like a dream come true, but what if they are cramping your style? What if you want to go back to being single? Luckily, Youtubers Life 2 does have the option of divorce.

Divorce in Youtubers Life 2

In Youtubers Life 2, you can have both platonic and romantic relationships with other characters. If you put in enough time and money to your relationship with another character, you can date them and have them move in. After that, you can propose and get married. But what if it doesn’t work out and you no longer want to be married? Thankfully, NewTube City makes divorce simple and (relatively) painless.

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City Hall Procedures

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To get divorced in Youtubers Life 2, you’ll have to go down to the City Hall building. It may be obvious that the building is located at the center of the City Hall neighborhood. They are not open on the weekend, so make sure to pay attention here. Once inside the building, go to the front desk and request to file a divorce. It’s as simple as that! Keep in mind; this will tank your relationship level with your now ex-spouse.

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