Anyone who has played Pokémon and is remotely interested in breeding knows that you will need a Ditto. While the Pokémon isn’t the best in battle, its ability to transform into any Pokémon allows it to breed with any breedable Pokémon. So you might be wondering where to catch a Ditto.

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To get Ditto in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl you can head to two locations. You can either head to Route 218 or the Route 212 Trophy Garden behind the Pokémon Mansion.

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On Route 218 you will have a better chance of finding Ditto as the encounter rate is higher at 20 percent. The Pokémon will be higher level so make sure you are prepared to battle it and other wild Pokémon at this location.

At the Trophy Garden on Route 212, you have a lower chance of finding Ditto. It only has a five percent encounter rate here. However, Ditto will be a lower level here so it will be easier to catch if you can actually find one. We recommend hunting for Ditto on Route 218 if you can.

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