There are many Espers to collect in Dislyte. These various characters take on one of four roles, and you will need to build a balanced squad if you want to succeed. When it comes to Support Espers, Dhalia provides offense and debuffs that help your squad. This may leave you wondering how to get Dhalia in Dislyte.

The only way to get Dhalia in Dislyte is to earn her through Ripple Dimensions. This is a type of mode similar to Raids, where many players challenge a boss Esper. It may take several attempts before a Dhalia Ripple appears, and you will need to challenge her several times as you need 40 Dhalia Ripples.

How to enter Ripple Dimension in Dislyte

Ripple Dimension is a game mode found in the Trials tab. This mode only spawns for a limited time (and rarely, at that). When a Ripple is generated, a notification will be sent out to the friends of whoever created it. After fifteen minutes, it will be sent to Global Chat. If you watch Global Chat, you can click on the notification and join, but you need to be quick.

You can generate your own Ripple Dimension by farming Ritual and Sonic Miracles. We recommend setting it to Multibattle, found at the bottom of the challenge when selecting your formation, and just running through 10 battles at a time. It will take some time, but you can create and join Ripple Dimensions this way.

Who is Dhalia?

Dhalia is a Flow Esper and uses the power of Calypso. She is allied with the Esper Union, where she is an academy teacher. She is a Support Esper, but her abilities primarily debuff the enemy team. But you may be wondering if Dhalia is good.

Should I use Dhalia?

Dhalia is a good choice for the early or mid-game but falls off toward the end-game as other Supports just outshine her. That being said, she excels at disrupting the enemy team if you increase her speed and ACC, but she should be paired with other Supports that provide more buffs or healing.

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