The annual Destiny 2 Dawning event is once again upon us, bringing holiday cheer in tasty treats and themed rewards. This year, Bungie has introduced a new community-wide quest to gather Dawning spirit. Here is how to get Dawning spirit in Destiny 2 Dawning event 2021.

Dawning Spirit is a currency that players can only get and use, while The Dawning 2021 event is active until Jan. 4, 2022. Players can earn it by completing bounties for Eva Levante and baking tasty treats for the various NPC’s. Eva will have two weekly bounties that award ten Dawning Spirit each, and she will also offer four daily bounties that offer two dawning Spirit each upon completion.

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While bounties will be the main way to gain Dawning Spirits, there are also a few other ways in which you can earn them. You can earn a good handful of them by completing specific Dawning Triumphs. These triumphs will ask you to deliver cookies to various groups of NPC’s. Completing each Triumph will award players with five Dawning Spirits. You can also earn Dancing Spirits by delivering cookies to NPC’s and turning in your Burnt Edge Transits to Master Rahool.

So there you have it, that is how you get Dawning Spirits in Destiny 2 Dawning event 2021. Gathering these Dawning Spirits will help to complete personal quests and contribute to the Community-wide quest, which will often result in community rewards that come at the end of The Dawning.

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