Cyborg is one of the many fighting styles available in the RPG anime game Project Star, and luckily one of the easiest to obtain so far! Before you embark on this journey to find Cyborg however, be sure that you’re ok with parting ways with your current style, as it will disappear once you collect the new one. If you need a refresher on finding your way around the Project Star locations, check out our guide on the map here.

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Finding Cyborg

In order to begin your search for Cyborg you’ll need to ensure that you have at least $8,500 of in-game currency. Once your pockets are full, head out from Spawn into the desert to look for the underground science lab near the Oasis location. As you’re traveling you should come across a pile of ruins and discarded metal that leads to a small hole in the ground.

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Walk through the hole and follow the path into the lab. A German scientist will be waiting for you there and, after paying him the necessary amount of money, he will give you a quest to help him build Cyborg by collecting the materials listed below.

  • 75 Scrap Metal
  • 15 Sentinel Cores
  • 45 Robotic Parts

To collect these materials you’ll need to explore the Cyborg Dungeon which can be entered by walking through the door next to the scientist. After you’ve found all of the parts your character will reset and spawn back with the Cyborg fighting style and moveset!

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