If you want to make a garden or farm on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, it’s not too tricky to do. In fact, there are a couple of ways to go about it. The main two ways can be done without help, fully in single player, but there are also a couple of ways that other players can help you out. If you are looking to get Crops such as Tomatoes, Wheat, and Sugarcane, here is what you need to do.

Buying from Leif

The easiest way to get Crops is by purchasing Produce Starts from Leif. Leif is a sloth who sells Produce Starts, Shrubs, and Flowers. You can buy singles and in bulk from him, either one Produce Start, or five. You can find Leif in three places.

On Your Island

Occasionally, Leif will be on your island with his travelling shop. If Leif is on your island, you can find him with a cart in your island’s plaza. There he will have one or two types of Produce Starts with him.

On Harv’s Island

If you have Harv’s Island co-op unlocked, and you have already added Leif’s shop to the co-op, you will be able to shop with Leif by visiting Harv’s island any time you like. He will always have two Produce Starts to choose from at the co-op.

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On a someone else’s Island

If Leif is on someone else’s island, you can travel to their island as well in order to shop with Leif. You can either go to a friend’s island, or find someone online who is letting players shop with their Leif. You can’t visit someone else’s Harv co-op, so Leif must have traveled to an island for this method to work.

Getting Crops from a Friend

Another way to get Crops is get help from a friend or other online player who already has them. If you are just Friends or only connected by Dodo Code, you can only receive Produce Starts from another player. If you are Best Friends, you can also have a friend plant already growing crops on your island, or dig up crops from a Best Friend’s island with permission.

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