Disney Dreamlight Valley features an extensive crafting system to make furniture for your Village or Home. These pieces are frequently nostalgic callbacks to all your Disney favorites. One of the most basic components for many of these furniture pieces is Cotton, which is used to make Fabric. Here’s where and how to get it.

How to get Cotton quicker in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you are flush with star coins, the quickest way to get Cotton is to purchase it from Goofy’s stall in the Sunlit Plateau. Some of his stall’s stock rotates daily, so you may not be able to purchase Cotton outright. You should always be able to buy Cotton seeds from Goofy’s stall, though. They cost 42 star coins a piece. Be sure to plant them in the Sunlit Plateau to speed up their growth time. You should also bring a Disney friend who boosts gardening while you harvest. This way, you have a chance to gain extra pieces of Cotton each time you harvest a plant.

What you can make with Cotton in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cotton is primarily used to create Fabric in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need five pieces of Cotton to craft one bolt of Fabric. Most furniture crafting recipes will then require a certain amount of Fabric to be completed, such as the Wooden Table, which needs two bolts of Fabric, or the Classic Snowman, which also needs two bolts of Fabric.

If you’ve completed Kristoff’s questline then you can purchase Fabric from Kristoff’s stall. One bolt costs 220 star coins a piece.

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