Kitaria Fables is a self-described action-rpg and farming simulator, and it manages to portray that title fairly well. Some of the resources that you must obtain in order to progress through the game are Copper, Silver, and Gold Ingots. While there is a simple way to get these resources, it isn’t explained very well in the tutorial, leaving players wondering where they can get them. In this guide, we explain how.

The inconvenient part of getting ingots is that you first need to obtain ores of the ingot you want to make. Unfortunately, getting the resources you need can be a bit of a grind in Kitaria Fables. For example, to get a Copper Ingot, you need to get five Copper Ores. You can see an example of this in the image below.

Harvesting copper ore in Kitaria FAbles

The convenient part about getting ingots is that you can do it at any blacksmith. In the image below, you can see what the blacksmith looks like. In any area with an armory (for example, Paw Village and Rivero Fortress), the smith is the bear with a table next to him containing swords and shields. When you approach him, you will be prompted to press a button to open his shop. Press that button first to access his services.

Buying Ingots in Kitaria Fables

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When you have his shop open, you’ll notice that there are multiple tabs representing the different categories of his wares. For every blacksmith, the tab you need to navigate to is the one that has an copper and silver ingot as the image. This is where you will upgrade your copper, silver, and gold ores to ingots. When you have the resources and are ready to change them to ingots, simply click on the ingot you want the blacksmith to craft!

That summarizes how and where you can get ingots! Get some better tools!

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