Tower of Fantasy allows players to mix up their gameplay using many unique weapons and quirky gadgets. These gadgets are known as Relics, and they can aid you in both combat and traversal. As you make your way around the map, you will encounter hordes of enemies in camps. In battles like these, it’s good to have a device that can trap enemies while simultaneously dealing damage—and this is exactly what Confinement does. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can unlock the Confinement Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock Confinement Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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Confinement is an SSR Relic. Therefore, players need to collect 30 Confinement shards to unlock this portable trapping device. The best way to collect this specific Relic shard is by clearing Ruin D-02 in Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Ruin D-02 is located in the Crown region and, can be found toward the northeast of the Parliament. Completing Ruin D-01 in all three difficulty levels will grant the player the following rewards:

  • Easy – 5 Confinement shards
  • Normal – 10 Confinement shards
  • Hard – 15 Confinement shards

Once you have collected 30 Confinement shards, you can fuse them to unlock the Confinement Relic. Players can speed up the process by collecting random Relic shards as rewards for completing challenges in Claire’s Dream Machine. Players may also receive Relic shards from opening Relic shard boxes.

How to use Confinement Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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Confinement is a deployable trap that can confine enemies withing a sphere for a certain duration. Enemies caught within the sphere cannot exit it, and simultaneously takes damage every second. Furthermore, enemies who are touched by the edge of the sphere will be prone to get stunned for a while. This SSR Relic that can be greatly beneficial when battling numerous enemies at once, or to simply avoid them. Advancing the relic will increase its stun duration, damage output, and reduce cooldown. Advancing Confinement to five-star will grant a bonus effect that triggers an earthquake to knock up enemies every three seconds.

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