Tower of Fantasy allows players to mix up their gameplay using many unique weapons and quirky gadgets. These gadgets are known as Relics, and they can aid you in both combat and traversal. One of the best offensive Relics happen to be the Colossus Arms. When equipped, these giant bionic arms can deal devastating damage to enemies. If you’re looking to unlock this powerful SSR Relic, fret not—in this guide, we’ll over everything you need to do in order to unlock the Colossus Arms Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to unlock the Colossus Arms Relic in Tower of Fantasy

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Unlike many other Relics which require the player to collect specific Relic shards to unlock them, the Colossus Arms Relic can only be unlocked by completing the Hyenas’ Banges Base quest. This is a world quest, therefore player’s can get their hands on the powerful Colossus Arms pretty early on in the game. In order to start the quest, simply head over to the Hyena’s oil-rig base off the west coast of Banges.

How to complete Hyenas’ Banges Base quest in Tower of Fantasy

Completing this quest involves a few key steps, which involves collecting items like an Iced Strawberry Soda, and Toolsets. Here is everything you need to do in order to complete the Hyenas’ Banges Base quest, and unlock the Colossus Arms Relic.

1 – Obtain Iced Strawberry Soda

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You will need to give an Iced Strawberry Soda to an NPC later on in the quest in order to obtain a reward. Therefore, it is ideal to collect this item beforehand. Players stand a strong chance to collect an Iced Strawberry Soda from the vending machines on the top floor in Hykros. Otherwise, you may create an Iced Strawberry Soda in a cooking machine using the following ingredients:

  • 2x Strawberry (Can be obtained from bushes in Banges)
  • 2x Honey (Can be obtained from Needlebee Hives)
  • 11x Carbonated Water (Can be purchased from Mrs Taylor outside Ruin A-01)

2 – Obtain Toolsets

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You will need to have two Toolsets in order to repair components later on in the quest. In order to obtain Toolsets, you must first purchase two Fine Gifts from the Points Store, or the Crystal Dust Store. It will cost either 30 Energy Crystals, or 120 Training Points in order to buy one Fine Gift. Once you have acquired two Fine Gifts, open them from your Inventory and select the Toolset as the reward.

3 – Start Hyenas’ Banges Base Quest

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  • Once you have the items required, use your Jetboard to head over to the Hyenas’ oil-rig base which is located off the west coast of Banges, west of the small islands. Once you reach, talk with the small Hyena guard station below. Always choose the top dialogue options while interacting.
  • Transmit to Banges Dock, and speak with the Robot Post Guard named Lozwall in order to gain access to the Hyenas’ oil-rig. Lozwall should be located near the Banges Dock Spacerift.
  • Head back to the oil-rig, and speak with the Hyena guard again. This time, however, only select the bottom dialogue options.
  • Once you have access to the oil-rig, read the Hyena Classified Documents banner on the wall next to the door with a guard outside.

4 – Head over to the second Hyena oil-rig

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  • After reading the Hyena Classified Documents, head over to the second Hyena oil-rig which is situated off the northwest coast of Raincaller Island. Once you reach, interact with the Hyena guard stationed there, and select the bottom dialogue option every time.
  • Once you have access to the oil-rig, interact with the giant NPC named Morgley to give him the Iced Strawberry Soda. In return, he will give you the mission item Console Components.
  • Then, interact with Morgley again to unlock the next part of the quest.

5 – Fix Hyena Beacons

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Now, you will need to go to the three Hyena Beacons around Navia Bay in order to activate them. Refer to the map above for the exact locations of the beacons.

  • South Beacon – Use your Toolsets to repair the three broken machines at the top of the tower. Then, interact with the console to activate the beacon.
  • East Beacon – Simply head inside the control room of the tower, and select Affix Components option to activate the tower.
  • West Beacon – In order to activate this tower, players will need to input the password 5972 in the console at the top.

6 – Obtain Colossus Arms Relic

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After successfully activating all three towers, you will see a blue beam coming out from a floating platform right above Navia Bay. By using the teleporter at the base of this beam, you can transmit yourself to the floating platform above. On the platform, you will see four Special Supply Pods. Interact with them to collect your brand-new SSR Relic, the Colossus Arms.

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