There are many different types of currency in Lost Ark, and one of them is Colorful Star Fragments. These are a type of sailing material that can be seen in the Storage tab of your inventory. This may leave you wondering how to get Colorful Star Fragments in Lost Ark.

Players can get Colorful Star Fragments on the island Astella. There they will find glowing orbs of white light. An interaction pop-up will appear, and players can press G to get Colorful Star Fragments. However, players are only awarded a few fragments per orb, so getting a lot will take some time.

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What to do with Colorful Star Fragments in Lost Ark

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Players can exchange Colorful Star Fragments in Lost Ark for various items. The exchange merchant for Colorful Star Fragments is on the island Astella. He is located near the southwest part of the island.

Many of the items require a lot of Colorful Star Fragments, so it may take some time to get enough. The glowing orbs will disappear once they are interacted with and will respawn after a set amount of time. Only one player can get the orbs before they disappear.

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