To get coconuts in Breakwaters, you need to attack a tree with your firsts or an equipable weapon, such as a stick or an axe. When the first blow has been struck, the tree’s health bar will appear, and you have to keep whaling on it, and at some point, coconuts will appear on the floor beside it.

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They won’t drop instantly, or maybe not at all. You just need to keep attacking every tree. Most likely, you will get between one and two coconuts per tree. It’s pointless to deplete the tree’s health bar because the tree doesn’t explode into materials. Instead, it falls to the floor so that you can harvest it some more with a specific tool.

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Coconuts are primarily used to quench your thirst to refill your thirst gauge, and they do that at +five per coconut. They are used in a few early crafting recipes for creating armor, such as the Bone Armor and Bamboo Armor. But alas, once they are made, you’ll only use coconuts until you can create something better that quenches your first a lot more.

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