Chi-Ji is one of five Mercenaries coming to Hearthstone Mercenaries on Feb. 15. Even though Hearthstone will add him with this update, he will not be available to players until Feb. 26 through the first limited-time event.

Players have to wait until the Chi-Ji Limited-Time Event to get Chi-Ji, starting on Feb. 22, where two tasks in the event will be available every day. When all 10 tasks are completely available on Feb. 26, players can finish the event and be rewarded with a Chi-Ji Epic Mercenary Card, a Chi-Ji Mercenary Portrait, and over 1000 total Mercenary Coins.

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The Limited-Time event is available until March 8, so players have the opportunity to earn Chi-Ji for a week and a half. The first five days of the event will see two new tasks added each day, totaling 10 event tasks.

Hearthstone’s new patch notes have advised players that beasts and dragons are essential for some tasks. While it’s unclear what that means, players should keep at least one beast and one dragon Mercenary handy.

The other four Mercenaries, Long’xin, Xuen, Niuzao, and Yu-lon, will be available on Feb. 15 and will not require any special means to obtain. Players will see them as soon as the update is finished on Feb. 15, at 1pm PT.

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