Both foraging and hunting are vital to progression in Little Witch in the Woods. One thing you may not realize when you first begin playing, though, is that purchasing items is just as important. In fact, some items like chalk and bug nets can only be purchased through specialized vendors.

How to get Witch’s White Chalk from Diane

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Diane is a member of the Witch Association who shows up outside of your residence every day between 8am and 6pm. You can interact with her and choose the Witches’ Catalogue dialog choice to bring up her magical shop. Within the catalog menu, all the way at the bottom is the Witch’s White Chalk which will allow you to activate runes across the map. Once you have your chalk, you can take it to your desired glowing rune mark on the forest ground and confirm you want to use the chalk on that marking. Now the area will be cleared (or a bridge built)!

How to get Luna Coins for the Witches’ Catalogue

To purchase the chalk, you’ll need 25 Luna Coins on you at the time of purchase. Luna Coins are a witch-specific currency that Ellie can only use with Diane. To get Luna Coins, you’ll need to make potions and candies and sell them. When you talk with Diane, choose the option to sell potions (this works for candies, too). She’ll offer you a price for the items you hand her, then you automatically are equipped with the additional currency.

How to get a bug net in Little Witch in the Woods

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You can also get A Witch’s Bug Net from Diane’s catalog for 3 Luna Coins. Just like with the chalk, the bug net can only be purchased from Diane using Luna Coins. You can also get the money for the net by selling potions and candies to Diane. The net can be used to catch all sorts of creatures, from birds to One-eyed Frogs.

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