Dinkum, a life simulator game, has several exploration and building gameplay features. In order to build certain elements in the game, you need to acquire specific items by either scavenging or creating them. Here’s a guide on how you can produce a bag of cement in Dinkum.

Where to find a Bag of Cement in Dinkum

A bag of cement can only be produced by yourself as it does not spawn on the island like natural resources such as wood, fish, and stones. You can craft a bag of cement by putting a stone inside the Stone Grinder machine. Here’s a step-by-step process on the same:

  • Get your Mining License from Fletch for 250 Permit Points. This license allows you to purchase a pickaxe and mine rocks. As for the Permit Points, you can acquire them by completing Milestones displayed in your journal.
  • Buy a Basic Pickaxe from John’s store for 1,200 Dinks (in-game currency).
  • Once you have gathered 10,000 Dinks by exploring the Dinkum world and completing tasks, it’s time to head back to John and purchase the Stone Grinder tool from him. You can place the Stone Grinder at an accessible location.
  • Explore the island and mine rocks using your pickaxe to collect stones.
  • After accumulating some stones, head over to the Stone Grinder and place one stone into the machine. The machine will do its thing for a while and give you a bag of cement in return.

Cement is a very useful resource in Dinkum. You can use this item to craft other items such as cement paths, animal dens, cement fences, silos, brick bridges, etc.

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