Evade is a great scary game on Roblox with bits of humor intermixed, allowing for a fun and exciting experience. Team up with other online players as you attempt to survive each round from giant bots resembling iconic memes. You can buy equipment, awesome emotes, and extras with the Cash you earn while playing. The more you level up, the more items you can unlock, some of which can mean the difference between life and death during a match. Here’s how you can earn Cash and XP as quickly as possible.

How to get Cash fast in Evade

Revive Players

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Reviving downed players is helpful for gameplay and an excellent way to rack up your cash winnings each round. You earn extra Cash for each person you revive, so you’ll want to try and help as many people as possible. The best way to do this is by carrying their body with Q first to a secure location and then reviving them by holding E until the meter is filled.

How to get XP fast in Evade

Survive the round

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To earn the most Cash and XP possible each round, you’ll want to try and survive until it is over without being downed. Sometimes this means you might have to avoid getting extra revives and focus on your safety. However, if you can sneak some revives in simultaneously, this will increase your Cash even more. There are a few essential steps to securing your survival for the whole round.

Find hiding spots

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Hiding may seem like the easiest option here to avoid death by the bots, but it only works occasionally. It really depends on what map you are on. Some maps, like the Museum, have secure safe room locations that guarantee your survival. While you may be able to hide behind a wall or counter in others, sometimes bots can still hunt you down. This means you’ll want to hide for short periods and start running as soon as you hear a bot approaching.

Keep running

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The best way to guarantee your survival for the whole round is to keep moving. The bots will continuously hunt until the timer is out, so your best bet is to keep running in circles around the map. Listen closely to where the bots are, and ensure you are headed in the opposite direction at all times. Being in a large group is not always the safest spot, so you may want to break off alone. You can also keep jumping to give you a little extra speed when a bot is close behind you.

Use utility and usables

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You will also want to spend some of your Cash buying utilities and usable. These items will help you survive much easier by allowing you to detect the location of the bots, communicate easier with your team, or increase your speed. The best items to have are the Radar and Colas. The Radar will ping when a bot is close, and Colas will make you significantly faster so you can escape. You can use these items in-game by pressing the numbers 1 and 2 on your keyboard and selecting them.

How to level up quickly in Evade

Buy boosts

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You can also invest in the Skins to earn significant Cash and XP. They can be a bit pricey but well worth boosting your earnings each round. You can buy the Skins by heading to the Character menu from the main lobby menu. The Briefcase will increase your cash earnings, while the Badge will increase your XP. It may be worth purchasing the Badge more than the Briefcase since you consistently earn more Cash than XP each round already. These boosts will make it much quicker to level up and earn enough money to get the best items.

These are some of the best ways to earn quick Cash and XP while you play Evade on Roblox. You’re sure to rack up the amount you need to buy all the best items in no time. Then you can play like a pro and survive each round with ease!

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