Seeds are used in the Minecraft-esque experience Islands to grow various types of crops—from nutritious fruits and vegetables to long lasting grains, Islands has added the ability to farm nearly anything that you can think of. With the new Christmas update released on Dec. 18, 2021, even Candy Canes have been added to the mix. To find out how you can obtain a handful of Candy Cane seeds of your own, continue reading below.

Obtaining Candy Cane seeds

Unlike a majority of the seeds in Islands, Candy Cane seeds cannot be purchased with coins from farmer Cletus. Instead, you’ll need to keep an eye out for presents, as these seeds have a five percent chance of being inside of Christmas Presents 2021. For a full guide on how presents work, check out our guide on how to get presents in Roblox Islands, otherwise, continue reading below for a brief overview.

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How to get presents?

Presents can be obtained one of two ways—by defeating Snowmen in the experience’s main Hub as often as you’d like, or by waiting for the daily delivery from Santa’s sleigh. One time per in-game day, Santa will fly above your Island and drop off a single gift, the contents of which are random. Each time that you defeat a snowman in the Hub, there is a 5% chance that you will receive a present in exchange.

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Planting Candy Cane seeds

Once you’ve obtained a Candy Cane seed, it’s important to know how to plant it, as it’s different than many other seeds in Islands. In order to grow a Candy Cane crop, you’ll first need to build a Trellis, which requires a level 35 Farming Skill, 30 Birch Wood, and one Tall Grass. If you already have grapes on your island then you’re in luck, as the Grape Trellis can be used for Candy Canes as well.

After building your Trellis, simply plant the seeds as you normally would and watch your candy cane vines grow!

Growing and harvesting Candy Canes

After a bit of time, you should notice that your vines have finished growing and have even sprouted a few Candy Canes. These minty candies can be harvested the same way any other crop can be, by hovering your cursor over the planter and pressing F. Once harvested, Candy Canes can be sold to Tom in the hub for 24 coins, made into Candy Cane blocks, or eaten to regain 45 HP.

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