The second Sentient Warframe, Caliban, brings a variety of alien abilities to battle for the Tenno.

Caliban isn’t the hardest frame to get, both in terms of time or resources, but he won’t be a simple pick-up either. Expect to spend a minimum of just over three hours to a maximum of several days getting everything needed (depending on your luck and your resource hoard).

Getting Caliban’s components

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Like the vast majority of frames (we’re looking at you, Equinox), Caliban has only four main parts: his Chassis, his Systems, his Neuroptics, and his main blueprint. His main blueprint can be purchased from the marketplace for 50,000 Credits, but his other parts require more time and effort.

You’ll need to clear the quest The New War before you can even start. You’ll need a Railjack and a Necramech to start the quest, as well as having completed the quest Prelude to War. You’ll also need upwards of four hours to complete it. We took about five hours to complete The New War while skipping most cutscenes and playing poorly.

After clearing The New War, you’ll find that a new bounty type called Narmer Bounties will appear in Cetus and Fortuna at certain times. Narmer Bounties will appear on Cetus while Cetus is in daytime, while it will appear in Fortuna while Cetus is in nighttime.

The Narmer Bounty will be locked in a certain rotation for the duration of Cetus’ time as day or night (so one and a half hours for day, fifty minutes for night). It has an A, B, and C rotation, all with set rewards. Caliban’s Systems Blueprint is on Rotation A, his Chassis on Rotation B, and his Neuroptics on Rotation C.

At minimum, since you’ll need to wait for Cetus’ day/night cycle, you’ll have to wait for between three and four hours to get all three parts — and that’s only if it swaps between all three rotations with no repeats.

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Building Caliban

Constructing Caliban is arguably just as annoying as getting his components. To fully build Caliban, you’ll need:

  • 120,000 Credits (buying Caliban’s blueprint included)
  • Nine Anomaly Shards
  • 40 Narmer Isoplasts
  • Ten Neural Sensors
  • 20 Tralok Eyes
  • 20 Mortus Horns
  • 100 Hespazym Alloy
  • 30 Breath of Eidolon
  • 30 Hexanon
  • 12 Orokin Cells

Of all of these, the player is least likely to have the Anomaly Shards and the Narmer Isoplasts.

Narmer Isoplasts are obtained by doing Narmer Bounties, just like Caliban’s components, but are not limited to a specific rotation. Just keep doing Narmer Bounties and you’ll get enough Isoplasts eventually. We recommend doing Cetus Narmer Bounties when possible as they seem to go faster overall.

Anomaly Shards are a rare resource gotten by clearing a Murex during a Grineer-controlled Veil Proxima Railjack mission. Murex’s will appear as red flashing nodes. Kill 20 Sentients aboard the Murex and you’ll get a single Anomaly shard. However, if you have a resource booster or a Smeeta Kavat with Charm, you can get multiple Anomaly Shards at once.

Other than those, there are a few resources that are remote but not difficult to gain. You may even have most of them already. If not, then the Warframe Wiki is your best friend.

For general information on getting new frames, go check out How To Obtain New Warframes In Warframe on Pro Game Guides!

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