Bright Dust, unlike the many different forms of currency used in Destiny 2, is a special kind of currency that is used to purchase cosmetics, ornaments, and more within the Eververse store at the Tower. This is a precious currency that many people are constantly looking to get more of since new weapon ornaments, outfits, sparrows, and other fun things are sold each week at reset.

If you have been trying to get your hands on more Bright Dust but are not sure how to do it, look no further. Here’s how to get more.

Getting Bright Dust

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Now, if you think that you can just play some activities or do some bounties to get Bright Dust, unfortunately, it’s not that easy. In Destiny 2, Bright Dust is a special reward and therefore requires a bit more of a grind to get. However, it doesn’t necessarily require the completion of the hardest content, so that’s good.

Seasonal Challenges

One way is by completing certain seasonal challenges that will reward Bright Dust. Open up the Dashboard and navigate to the Quest Tab. At the top, will be a tab indicating the list of seasonal challenges to complete. Cycle through them all until you see Bright Dust as one of the rewards for a specific challenge. Some of these challenges are not necessarily difficult but maybe a little time-consuming.

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Currently, the Season of the Lost has a total of 41 seasonal challenges that reward Bright Dust for completing them. That’s more than half of all the available seasonal challenges. Completing all of these will leave you with quite a bit of Bright Dust to spend.

Extra Tip: completing all seasonal challenges for Season 15 will reward you with a Large Pile of Bright Dust. This is no small feat but is possible with enough time and patience.

Special Reward Sources

Another way to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2 is participating in and completing special bounties during special seasonal events. For example, right now during the Dawning event, players can complete weekly holiday bounties from Eva Levante and be rewarded with Bright Dust among other rewards as well. This is also the case for other special seasonal events as they roll around.

Another special reward source you can find Bright Dust from is certain levels on the Season Pass. While some of the Bright Dust from the Season Pass is free to get, others require purchasing the Season Pass to collect it.

Playlist Bounties

Another great way to get Bright Dust is by completing the weekly bounty challenge from one or all of the playlist activities: Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, or Gambit. This is done by completing eight bounties for each playlist activity. Also, in order to complete eight bounties, you will have to pick up the additional bounties offered by each playlist vendor. Completing each of these will also reward you with a little Bright Dust as well.

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