Bottled water is one of many potion items that the player can make in Terraria, so here’s how to make it and what you will need.

How to make a Bottled Water in Terraria

To make bottled water, you will need two items: a bottle and a water source. So to start, if you want to make a bottle, you will need some glass and a furnace – to make the furnace you will require the following materials.

  • 20 stone
  • Four wood 
  • Three torches

When you got the furnace made, you can then make glass inside it from any type of sand block, which you can find in Desert biomes and the deep parts of the ocean.

After you get the sand, you can then make the glass, which can then be made into a bottle. Once you got a bottle made, you can then make it into bottled water by locating a water source and filling it with it. 

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You can also make various kinds of sinks with different materials at a crafting station, but the easiest would be a wooden sink that only requires six normal wood. That said, find a water source or craft a sink, and you will be able to make bottled water, and once you get one, you can then use it to make a ton of potion items. These items include the following listed below.

  • Soul of light bottles
  • Creature jars
  • Juice bottles
  • Potions

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