In the Caves & Cliffs update for Minecraft, we were introduced to new items that are dropped when mining ore blocks of Gold, Copper, and Iron. This new item is called Raw Ore, and it works in the same way that mining Diamonds works; instead of dropping ore blocks as an item, mining ore blocks cause it to drop their respective resources. This new item also brought new block types called Block of Raw Gold, Block of Raw Iron, and Block of Raw Copper. In the guide below, we explain how to get them.

Raw Ore blocks of any type are only obtainable via crafting, commands, or Creative. Let’s first go over how to craft them.


The following images and descriptions show you the crafting recipes for each Raw Ore block.

Each Block of Raw Ore can be crafted by taking nine Raw Ore of their respective resources, and placing them in each slot. This must be done at a Crafting Table. This is the only way to get one of these blocks in Survival Mode.


Blocks of Raw Ore can also be given via commands on a Command Block or in the chat by players with administrative privileges in a game. Here are the commands to give players one of these blocks.


This applies to only the Java version of Minecraft on Windows PCs.

/give PlayerName minecraft:raw_gold_block  /give PlayerName minecraft:raw_iron_block  /give PlayerName minecraft:raw_copper_block 


This applies to all Bedrock versions, such as Minecraft for Windows 10, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

/give "PlayerName" raw_gold_block  /give "PlayerName" raw_iron_block  /give "PlayerName" raw_copper_block 


In the Bedrock version of Minecraft, Blocks of Raw Ore can be found in the Construction Tab of the Creative Inventory. In the Java version of Minecraft, they can be found in Building Blocks Tab of the Creative Inventory.

That’s all there is to know about how to get Raw Ore blocks in Minecraft! Hopefully, you’ve saved some space in your Chests!

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