Anime Story is one of the latest open-world style explorative story games on the Roblox platform. Like most explorative games, the title has a dedicated crafting system for making powerful gears and weapons to face more formidable enemies as you progress in the game. On that note, one of the most sought-after crafting materials in Anime Story is the Blessed Gems. It is mainly used as a primary raw material in crafting advanced weaponry like Godslayer’s BaneCelestial Blade, or Thor’s Might. To get a Blessed Gems in Anime Story, you must locate and mine a Blessed Gem ore inside the mining cave.

Where is the mining cave in Anime Story?

The mining cave is in the Adventurer’s Settlement, right behind your spawn point. You can find the Vegetable NPC at the start of the cave. Use the below image for a pictorial reference.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

How to mine the Blessed Gem Ore

All the ores in the Anime Story game can be mined with the help of the same default pick axe. You must locate a Blessed Gem ore and extract it with your interaction button. The Blessed Gem ore is yellow/gold in color with a shiny appearance much similar to a Magic Gem

How rare is the Blessed Gem Ore

Blessed Gem ores are one of the rarest materials and are difficult to locate. There are no secret techniques to find a Blessed Gem ore as they spawn randomly at any location inside a mine, and it all boils down to luck to see one.

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