It’s incredible how much Lost Ark opens up once you get your first ship. Suddenly you have a huge sea to explore, full of islands each of which has its own story to tell. Even better, many of them also have an Island soul to collect. There are around 100 dotted across the map, and the more you collect the better the rewards get. Here we’ll explain how to get Blackfang’s Den Island Soul in Lost Ark.

Where is the Lost Ark Blackfang’s Den Island Soul?

Rather fittingly, Blackfang herself has the Blackfang’s Den Island Soul. However, you’re going to have to do some work to earn it. When you arrive on the island, Head into the hut to see NPC Rory and follow his short quest chain. Once you’ve completed his third quest, Catch the Rats, you’ll open up two quests from Blackfang herself. Once you’ve completed her second quest, Bloodclaw’s Dagger, you’ll open up Blackfang as a Rapport NPC. Raise your rep with her to Trusted, and she’ll reward you with the Island Soul.

Getting Blackfang right up to Trusted is going to take you a while unless you have a lot of spare gifts to give her. You’ll need to spend more than 70,000 Rapport, with only 1,400 available each day through emotes (Roar and Stretch) and songs (Valor and Temptation). On the plus side, there’s also a rewarding Una’s Task on the island, while getting her to Trusted also gets you Blackfang as a crew member. Also note that you’ll have to do several quests as you rise through the Rapport ranks with Blackfang, the last of which requires you to have 260 Charisma to accept it.

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