To find black dye in Aragami 2, players must first start by heading to the village square in the game. The village square is the spot where players can find the blacksmith and the NPC to change armor color later in the game.

If you don’t know where the village square is, you can find it by following the path starting at the quest board shown below.

Follow the path up the winding road and take a right, and you will find the village square. And when you reach the village square, head past the blacksmith up a set of stairs leading up to a large tower.

You will eventually see a large tower, as shown below. You’ll want to scale this tower to the top of it but won’t be able to jump up to it. Because of this, you will need to turn around and jump onto a smaller tower.

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When you jump onto the smaller tower, you will need to jump onto the first wing of the tall tower next. After jumping, progress to the end of the first wing and jump onto a cliff, as shown below.

On the cliff, you will want to shadow leap to a small wooden fence and climb up and then scale the cliff up by following the path of the red arrows.

Keep heading up by following our red arrow path. Eventually, you’ll see the top of the tower, as shown by the right image. To get to the tower, you will want to double jump and then dash. Do this, and you will reach the edge of the tower.

Once you reach the top of the tower, find a wooden barricade as shown below. Past the barricade is where you can find the blueprint for black dye. However, you won’t be able to get it unless you have the ability to get past barricades.

Luckily there is a way to cheese it. Just hug the wall towards the end you jumped across to reach the tower, and you can pick it up through the wall as shown below.

When you pick the blueprint up, head back to the town square, and you can change your armor pieces to be black by speaking to Danjuro, as shown below.

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