To get berries from Berry Bushes is straightforward. All you need to do is punch them with your melee fist attack, and a health bar will appear. You do this by pressing Left Click on PC or X or RT if using a controller. Upon doing this, said berries will fall.

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Even if you acquire a weapon or a stick, you will obtain berries from the bush just as long as you attack it.

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When this bush’s health bar is emptying, you may find berries being dropped from it, but berries will also be left behind once the bush has been destroyed. Not many berries will come from a single bush, but they always spawn in groups so that you can get a few berries from each.

Food is needed to refill your Hunger Gauge. Any activity you do will start to drain your hunger gauge, so you can class hunger as your stamina gauge. If your hunger gauge goes empty, you still start to lose health until you satiate your need for food. Berries only restore +five of your hunger gauge but eat enough of them, and you’ll be fine.

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