Since Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, the main method for getting Battle Pass cosmetics has been the Battle Star system. The mechanics are no different for Chapter 3 Season 1, but the methods for getting Battle Stars has changed somewhat.

How to Get Battle Stars

Battle Stars are earned by gaining enough XP (experience points) to move up a level in your season rank. Every level you reach grants you five Battle Stars. XP is awarded for nearly everything you do in the game, but there are ways to earn it faster. The best way to earn XP is by completing quests assigned in your Quests tab on the home screen.

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There are usually a wide variety of quests that you can complete at all times. Daily Quests will only net you 750 XP each, but the first three you complete get you a bonus of 15k XP each. Season Quests grant you 25k, and crossing specific thresholds of Season Quests grant you 55k XP. Generally, event quests grant anywhere from 8k to 20k XP.

Another way to earn XP quickly is to reach specific thresholds in your milestones, all of which can also be seen in the Quests tab. There are dozens of Milestones to complete, and each one has 20 levels, all of which grant you 8k XP.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to get Battle Stars, but all of them revolve around playing the game and gaining experience by exploring the map and different game mechanics. Unfortunately, there are no codes for free Battle Stars—you have to earn them yourself!

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