Lost Ark is an action-adventure MMORPG that is filled with content. After defeating Castle Luterra and gaining the Rebuilding Luterra questline, much of this becomes unlocked. In particular, you can now build ships and sail the vast oceans. But to do this, you will need Basic Timber.

To get Basic Timber in Lost Ark, you will need to find a merchant ship. These can typically be found at ports, such as Wavestrand Port in East Luterra or Arid Path in Arthetine. Merchants will trade you Basic Timber for Pirate Coins, so you need to gather this resource first.

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Basic Timber is necessary to build ships, so if you plan to increase your ship collection, you will need to farm Pirate Coins to get Basic Timber. With this resource, you can build faster and more durable ships that will allow you to explore the seas more easily.

Basic Timber is just one of many resources in Lost Ark. It will help if you enjoy the sailing mechanic or are trying to complete sailing content. So, happy timber hunting and boat building!

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