In Elden Ring, players will find various sets of armor that have different attributes. The Banished Knight Armor is one of them, and it has a high Robustness Resistance. Banished Knights are found in specific areas of the map like Castle Sol, Crumbling Farum Azula, Stormveil Castle, and Cathedral of Dragon Communion. Defeating them will give players various pieces of armaments from the Banished Knight Set.

Where to find Banished Knight Armor in Elden Ring

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Players can acquire the Banished Knight Armor by eliminating two Banished Knights at Castle Sol. It is part of the Banished Knight Set, and players can acquire all the pieces of this armament. Follow the orange circles on the map image above to find the exact locations for these two Banished Knights.

The first one is located near the Castle Sol Rooftop Site of Grace, while the second one is close to the Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace. Players need to be careful as these two Banished Knights can teleport and come closer while inflicting Frost damage. You can use ranged Sorceries and Incantations from a distance to get a few quick hits before the opponent can attack.

The other pieces of armaments from the Banished Knight Set can be acquired from the following locations:

  • Banished Knight Helm – Acquired by defeating the Banished Knight outside the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid. 
  • Banished Knight Gauntlet – Acquired by defeating the Banished Knights at Stormveil Castle
  • Banished Knight Greaves – Acquired by defeating the Banished Knights at Stormveil Castle 

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