Apples are an easy fruit to find in Minecraft. Players can just break leaves or find them in a chest in a village, but what is the most efficient way to get apples in Minecraft?

Method #1 – Leaves

The easiest and quickest way of gathering apples in Minecraft is just breaking a lot of leaves with a tool enchanted with Looting III. It increases the chance of an apple dropping.

The other variation on that method is to get a Netherite Axe with Sharpness V enchantment. With these enchantments in mind, go on a chopping spree and collect everything that falls down from leaves.

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Method #2 – Villagers

The other method involves Villagers and Villages. You can simply find some apples withiin chests in Villages. Apart from that, villagers also offer certain trades for apples. If you want to set up a trading hall or trading center with a lot of Villagers, be prepared to have a lot of emeralds.

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It is a good method if you do not want to run around. The Villager you are looking for is an Apprentice Farmer.

Both methods are quite efficient, and they are much better than walking around in search apples.

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