Keycards have been a staple part of Fortnite for a long time. In the latest Fortnite Update V19.20, a new keycard to open a vault at the “Convert Cavern” POI has been added. To get this IO keycard, you must defeat the new mythic boss “Gunnar” at Convert Cavern and use the keycard to open the Vault at the same location. 

Where is The Gunnar on the new map?

As mentioned earlier, you can find the new Mythic boss Gunnar at the central part of the “Covert Cavern” landmark on the western edge of the map. You can see him walking in the middle part of the Covert Cavern bunker along with his several IO Guards. 

Defeat Gunnar, and he will drop the Covert Cavern keycard along with the Mythic Stinger. If you find it difficult to take him down, read our tips/tricks guide to eliminate Gunnar.

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Locating and opening the Vault

Take the Covert Cavern keycard and go towards the Vault. You can locate the Vault in the same cave/bunker area. Also, the game will indicate directions to the Vault after picking up the keycard. Follow the instructions, and you will reach the Vault.

After reaching the Vault, swipe the keycard, and the Vault will open. There are more than eight different chests inside the Vault, which has tons of legendary loots for your entire squad.

Remember, it is far easier to take him down in Duo or Squad mode than in Solos. So, try to jump in with your squad to get the keycard.

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