To get a skateboard in NBA 2K22, you can go to Wheels located in the Ship Promenade on current-gen or in the Shopping District of The City on next-gen. Skateboards can be purchased for 10,000 to 15,000 VC depending on the board and also can be equipped with different wheels available for 1,000 VC.

Skateboards may also be featured as a Season prize since the first three seasons have featured vehicles as level 30 or 40 prizes. Skateboards can be used to get around the map much quicker than running and are the cheapest option for vehicles.

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Once you own a skateboard, go to the MyPlayer Neighborhood menu and select Equipment. From there, scroll down to Board and equip the skateboard. Once equipped, go to the Neighborhood and hold L1 for PlayStation or LB for Xbox, then move the right trigger in the direction assigned to the skateboard.

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Once your player pulls out the skateboard, you have the option to start moving to ride it, perform tricks and emotes standing, or pull off awesome tricks while riding. To perform tricks, hold L2 for PlayStation or LT for Xbox, then use the right stick to perform tricks.

Tricks that can be performed include ollies, kickflips, pop-shuvits, manuals, and even hardflips. While current-gen can only have fun riding around the Cruise Ship, next-gen players are lucky enough to be able to compete in weekly races throughout The City and feature skateboard races on occasion.

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