Photon Chunks are a resource like monolite that can be used in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis to unlock the hidden potential of items. You will also need to find the resource to complete Diaggah’s Mining Drill II quest. 

That being said, if you want to find Photon Chunks, you will need to start your search towards the South Aelio region of the game and the area to the north and west of Balflow Falls.

Around both regions, you can find the resource spawning occasionally in random spots, so we recommend searching along the areas marked below for photon nodes.

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The nodes for Photon chunks will also spawn inside caves, so we also recommend checking around and inside caves when you find them.

Once you find a Photon Chunk, you can mine it by either shooting at it or hitting it with one of your attacks. Each node will also get you around one per node, so you will need to find around a total of 10 nodes to complete the mining drill quest.

When you find all 10 Photon Chunks, the quest will complete automatically, and you can then use the chunks to unlock hidden potentials via the item lab. Along with unlocking hidden potentials, You can also use them to limit item break via the option that says item break in the item lab. 

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