The upcoming MOBA, Pokémon Unite is set to release this month and has a total of three different in-game currencies, Including Gems. Players will use Gems to purchase United Licenses, different items and outfits for their Trainers and Pokémon in the game. To sort out any confusion, here’s a brief guide on how to get and use Gems in Pokémon Unite.

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How to get Gems

Screenshot of Pokemon Unite beta gameplay

Gems are the primary form of currency players can use to trade with or purchase just about anything in the game. In order to obtain Gems, players will have to purchase with real-world currency. They can also be earned through rewards after competing missions through the Pokémon Unite’s Seasonal Battle Passes.

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How to use Gems

Screenshot of Pokemon Unite beta gameplay

Gems allow players to purchase Unite Licenses from the United Battle Committee (UBC) that gives Trainers access to take their Pokémon into arenas for battle. Gems can be used to upgrade Battle Passes, which allow players to earn a ton of rewards a lot quicker and they can also be used to purchase Fashion Items, Held Items and Holowear for Trainers and Pokémon characters. 

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