Azoth is an important resource that is needed for several things and activities in New World. One of which is to reset your skills, so luckily, the resource can be found and farmed in several ways. 

The first way is from completing quests, as certain ones in the game will reward a small amount of around 20 azoth upon completion. The next method would be to farm enemies such as the many variants of bilelight enemies.

That being said, if you are hurting for some precious azoth, we highly recommend farming certain enemies and completing quests like Forging Corruption’s Bane, and Indigestion.  

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But what can you even use beyond resetting skills, as we mentioned earlier? Well for starters, if you want to utilize the fast travel system in the game, you will need azoth. 

Every time you fast travel, it will use a small amount of the stuff and will increase for regions that are far away from you. Because of this, it’s no wonder why some people are hurting for the material.

 Secondly, azoth is highly useful in determining how much of a bonus increase or the types of bonuses you will get on a crafted weapon made by you.

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