Mighty Mushrooms are items that increase the player’s maximum Endurance in Tower of Fantasy. These are rewarded for either completing several Achievements or by Exploring the map. Once obtained, these items can be used by accessing the player’s Backpack and selecting them. After use, the player will permanently increase their maximum Endurance so they can climb and swim for a longer duration. This is how to get Mighty Mushrooms in Tower of Fantasy.

How to increase maximum Endurance in Tower of Fantasy

There are two ways of obtaining a Mighty Mushroom, a consumable that will permanently increase the player’s maximum Endurance. The item can be consumed in the Backpack and can’t be obtained through means other than Achievements and Exploration. In the Terminal Menu, players can keep track of their Achievements and obtain currency by performing various tasks in the game. After obtaining 250 Achievement points, players will unlock their first rewards as a Wanderer. Five Gold nuclei, five Proof of purchases, and a single Mighty Mushroom can be obtained for the first milestone, with more rewards available for Homesteader, Logger, and so on.

The second method of obtaining a Mighty Mushroom is through Exploration. This can be tracked by clicking or tapping on the map and checking the progress of each area. Whenever the player performs certain actions in that area, it gives them Exploration Progress that goes towards various rewards. These range from activating Space Rifts, opening Supply Pods, and interacting with the Exploration Points on the map to obtain Gold and Black Nucleus. For the Astra region, players will have to score 965 points in order to obtain a Mighty Mushroom.

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How to advance Exploration Progress in Tower of Fantasy

Exploring all of a region means doing nearly everything in the area and can be tracked when looking at the map. All of the player’s progression toward exploring the entire area will be listed when clicking or tapping on the region they are trying to explore. Exploration Progress is increased whenever the player:

  • Opens Supply Pods
  • Interacts with Scenic Points
  • Activates Space Rifts
  • Interact with the Omnium Tower
  • Clear Ruins
  • Interact with Exploration points

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