Namecards are decorative wallpapers that can be used to spice up your profile. You can set your Namecard on the main menu, and it will appear every time you view your profile and whenever friends see you on their friends menu. While Namecards don’t affect gameplay in any way, you may want one that matches your mood or represents your favorite character.

How to Get Namecards in Genshin Impact


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Each character has a Namecard designed to match their quirks. You’ll automatically unlock it by reaching Friendship level 10 with the corresponding character. On that note, you can’t get Namecards of characters that you don’t have.

Some easy ways to level up Friendship include:

  • Complete repeatable daily quests, such as the Friend to Animals and Warden of Konda
  • Playing with the character on your team to receive Companionship EXP from Daily Commissions, quests, and other events
  • Placing the character in the Serenitea Pot and claiming Trust rewards from Tubby


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Completing all Achievements under some series with reward you with a Namecard. Head to the Achievement menu to check your progress.

Tree Offering

You can get Namecards by reaching level milestones in some of Genshin Impact’s offering trees and other instances with similar mechanics. These include:

  • Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine—reach level 9 for a Namecard
  • Sacred Sakura in the Grand Narukami Shrine—reach level 48 for a Namecard
  • Lumenstone Adjuvant in The Chasm Underground Mine—reach level 10 for a Namecard


Reaching Reputation milestones in cities around Teyvat will grant you plenty of amazing rewards, including Namecards. You can get two Namecards at levels 4 and 7 in Monstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.


Some events will feature limited Namecard rewards that can only be claimed during the event period. It’s currently unknown whether Genshin Impact has plans on bringing old Namecards into the reward lineup for event reruns. For instance, the Hyakunin Ikki event only rewarded players with the Celebration: Ikki Namecard during its first run, while the second run featured a different series of rewards.

Battle Pass

Exclusive Travel Notes Namecards can be obtained by purchasing the Battle Pass Gnostic Chorus upgrade for $20. The Namecard, among other rewards (excluding the weapon), will be sent to you immediately after purchase. The Gnostic Chorus refreshes every six weeks and falls in line with each Genshin Impact update. There has been no instance of a Namecard rerunning.

How to Change Namecard in Genshin Impact

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To change your Namecard, head to the main menu and click on the edit button beside your username. Select Change Namecard to open the Namecard selection window. Choose your Namecard, then click the Use button on the bottom right of the screen to save the changes. You can change your Namecard an unlimited number of times, but can only use ones that you own.

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