GTA Online adds new missions that include main character Franklin and music icon, Dr. Dre. To take on these new missions in GTA Online: The Contract, players must purchase an Agency property, which will act as a hub for The Contract missions, Security Contracts, and additional Franklin missions. To purchase an Agency, go to the EyeFind browser and the Dynasty 8 Executive Realty website, which can be found by typing “” into the browser.

There are four Agencies to choose from, all located around Los Santos. Each Agency has a different purchase price, and all have customization options that will cost a little extra money. Here are all of the Agencies available for purchase.

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  • Little Seoul — $2,010,000
  • Hawick — $2,830,000
  • Rockford Hills — $2,415,000
  • Vespucci Canals — $2,145,000

While nothing is different between the functionality of the Agency, the more expensive options are in a more central location surrounded by much other potential business. However, Little Seoul is not far from many activities and businesses, even the cheapest option.

Once an Agency is purchased, players will be able to take on The Contract missions, get discounts on the new cars released in the DLC, and have a new hideout to customize.

Image via Rockstar Games

The customization options include art, wallpapers, highlights, an armory, accommodations, and a vehicle workshop. Here are the prices for each upgrade and what comes with them.

  • Art — $340,000 (Cosmetic)
  • Wallpapers — $442,500 (Cosmetic)
  • Highlights — $100,000 (Cosmetic)
  • Accomodations — $275,000 (Adds spawn location, closet, and arcade game)
  • Armory — $720,000 (Adds Exclusive Weapon Store)
  • Vehicle Workshop — $800,000 (Adds 20 car garage, free SUV, and exclusive vehicle upgrades.

Once you have established your Agency, you can take on The Contract missions, unlock new perks and abilities, and add to your collection of cars, money, businesses, or anything else new in The Contract DLC.

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