The Adventurer’s Tome in Lost Ark contains a collectible item called the Amalone’s Diary, but it’s only completed by finding Amalone’s Journal. You can often find Amalone’s Journal on the Vern North Continent, where it appears randomly every now and then. 

Where is Amalone’s Journal in Vern North?

Amalone’s Journal is more likely to drop from the monsters with the yellow aura above their head. Kill these special monsters to increase your chances of finding Amalone’s Journal.

You can earn collection items in a variety of ways. The only way to earn these is through old-fashioned farming and luck, since monsters drop them at random. It looks like a brown journal, but it contains recipes that belong to a chef.

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If you intend to include it in an adventure book, you should take it to a secluded, safe area. In most cases, Vern Castle is the best option, since it has no enemies.

Open your Inventory by pressing the I key, then right-click on Amalone’s Journal. The Adventurer’s Tome will notify you when the Amalone’s Diary Collection is added.

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